Retail Money Funds

Retail Money Funds

Top Retail Money Market Funds

*Rankings will display only the master fund from each portfolio.
*Taxable funds as of 01/27/15 Tax-Free funds as of 01/26/15
Prime View Funds
Fund Name 7 Day Yield (%)
Schwab Cash Reserves 0.06
Delaware Cash Reserve/Class A 0.03
PNC Money Market Fund/Cl A 0.03
Ivy Money Market Fund/Cl A 0.02
Wilmington Prime MMF/Admin 0.02
W&R Advisors Cash Mgmt MMF/Cl A 0.02
First Amer Prime Oblig/Cl A 0.02
TDAM MMP/Premium 0.01
Reich & Tang DIF Money Mkt/Inv 0.01
RBB MMP/Bedford Class * 0.01
Government View Funds
Fund Name 7 Day Yield (%)
Davis Govt MMF/Cl A 0.12
PNC Government MMF/Cl A 0.03
Lord Abbett US Govt & Govt SE MMF/A 0.02
Fidelity Government MMF 0.01
Edward Jones MMF/Inv Class 0.01
Vanguard Admiral Treasury MMF 0.01
Fidelity Treasury Only MMF 0.01
Wells Fargo Adv Govt MMF/Svc 0.01
Northern US Govt Select MMF 0.01
City Natl Rochdale Govt MMF/Cl N 0.01
Tax-Free View Funds
Fund Name 7 Day Yield (%)
JPMorgan Tax-Free MMF/Morgan 0.01
Alpine Municipal MMF/Inv 0.01
Wells Fargo Adv Natl T-F MMF/Svc 0.01
BMO Tax Free MMF/Class Y 0.01
Amer Century T-F MMF/Inv Class 0.01
CAT:Tax Ex/Deutsche T-E Money Fund 0.01
T Rowe Price Summit Muni MMF 0.01
Reich & Tang DIF Muni/Advantage 0.01
JPMorgan Muni MMF/Morgan 0.01
RBC T-F MMF/Select 0.01
Largest Retail View Funds
Fund Name 7 Day Yield (%)
Fidelity Cash Reserves 0.01
Vanguard Prime MMF/Investor 0.01
Schwab Cash Reserves 0.06
Fidelity Municipal MMF 0.01
Schwab Govt Money Fund/Sweep 0.00
Schwab US Treasury Money Fund 0.00
Vanguard Tax-Exempt MMF 0.01
Schwab Advisor Cash Resvs/PremSwp 0.01
Fidelity Government MMF 0.01
Schwab Money Market Fund 0.01

Interest Rate Review (as of 1/27/2015)

Savings and Money-Market Accounts APY (%)
Interest Checking $2.5K 0.18
Regular Savings $10K 0.10
Money Market $10K 0.13
Money Market $50K 0.18
Certificates of Deposit APY (%)
3 Month CD $25K 0.11
6 Month CD $25K 0.18

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New Money Funds Alert

(New funds reporting to iMoneyNet)

Fund Name Date Added
Schwab Govt Money Fund/Value Adv 01/20/2015
Federated Money Market Mgmt/Eagle 08/05/2014
Franklin Money Fund/Cl R6 01/12/2014
Fidelity Treasury MMF 08/04/2013
Reich & Tang DIF Money Mkt/IFid 07/19/2013
Reich & Tang DIF US Govt/Fid 07/19/2013
Reich & Tang DIF US Treas/Fid 07/19/2013
Reich & Tang DIF US Treas/Inv Sel 06/29/2013
Reich & Tang DIF Money Mkt/Inv Sel 06/23/2013
Oppenheimer Cash Reserves/Cl B 05/03/2013
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