Products and Services

Products and Services

Money Fund Analyzer™

Money Fund Analyzer™ provides iMoneyNet clients at mutual fund companies, banks, insurance firms, corporate treasury departments and municipalities with round-the-clock access to our proprietary database of daily, weekly and monthly performance information covering a universe of nearly 1,700 U.S. retail and institutional money-market funds. Data is updated automatically and includes historical information dating back some 20 years.

View the Money Fund Analyzer Video to learn more and view sample reports.

This browser-based analytical tool, based on SAP BusinessObjects™ technology, is fully-hosted and generates professional-looking reports, charts and graphs at any time from any location in PDF or Excel® format for use by sales teams and money market fund professionals.

Special Features

  • Custom Reports - iMoneyNet's development team is ready to build specialized reports that include such proprietary elements as your logos, colors, typeface, layout and disclaimers.
  • Pre-Built Reports - Our pre-built reports are designed to save users valuable research time. These reports include money fund performance; fund vs. fund; daily, weekly and monthly performance; net and gross long-term rankings; daily yield summary; annualized returns, and more.
  • Ad-Hoc Reports - Analyzer's powerful query tool allows you to produce custom reports to support research, marketing, performance and analysis reporting. Professional-quality graphs and charts are easily produced via Analyzer for export in either Excel® or PDF formats.
  • Domestic MarketShare Module - Rank money fund complexes by assets. Set filters for retail or institutional funds, display daily, weekly or monthly asset information, and denote statistical changes for different time periods.
  • Fund Alert Module - View the latest additions to iMoneyNet’s database, deletions, changing fund names and fund categories. This complete database covers the years since 1995.
  • iMoneyNet Commentary - Access archives and articles from our industry-leading newsletters: Money Fund Report®, Money Market Insight™, Rated Money Fund Report™, Money Fund Expense Report™ and Offshore Money Fund Report™.
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