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Products and Services
Products and Services

Trademark Licensing Program

Looking for objective comparisons to show your investors, depositors, management or board members? Consider enrolling in our Trademark Licensing Program to evaluate the performance of your cash-management vehicles against iMoneyNet’s time-tested averages for domestic and offshore money-market mutual funds. Join the growing list of more than 90 investment managers, banks, credit unions, state treasurer’s offices, lenders, insurance firms and others relying on decades of iMoneyNet data accuracy to promote their short-term investment products through advertising, annual reports, conference presentations and marketing materials.


  • Benchmarking - Use iMoneyNet Money Fund Averages™ or iMoneyNet Offshore Money Fund Averages™ as unbiased third-party measures to compare the performance of your money fund or interest-bearing cash product against well-known benchmarks. Develop compelling statistics-based marketing and advertising vehicles to retain or add shareholders or depositors, or feature iMoneyNet proprietary averages in reports prepared for company executives or in materials to be distributed or shown at meetings, conferences and trade shows.
  • Verifiability - iMoneyNet Money Fund Averages™ are prominently displayed where your prospects are most likely to see them. Key national media outlets, including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s regularly publish the latest 7-day yield averages for all taxable MMFs. Many daily newspapers also carry the daily Associated Press interest-rate table showing average yields for retail money funds. Barron’s Online posts full money fund tables for all visitors to supplement the list of top-yielding retail funds and averages, which also appear in the weekly print edition. This widespread availability of iMoneyNet indexes is ideal for easy verification by individuals checking out the rate board for money-market or CD offerings in a bank lobby, rate shopping online, reading a print ad or direct mail piece, or hearing about your cash product through a TV or radio commercial.
  • Historical Comparisons – More than 30 years of iMoneyNet Money Fund Averages™ are available to demonstrate how your cash product fared against key iMoneyNet benchmarks during periods of high and low interest rates.
  • Contact your account executive for a contract to enroll in the iMoneyNet Trademark Licensing Program.
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Email iMoneyNet for More Information

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Access iMoneyNet’s complete database of 2,200 U.S. and Offshore money funds anytime from anywhere using our powerful browser-based analytical tool.
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Our “do-all” Money Fund Monitor™ is the ticket for corporate cash investors to track holdings in thousands of U.S. and offshore money funds, reduce risk, maximize returns and meet reporting requirements.
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