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Institutional Money Market Funds
Institutional Money Market Funds

Top Institutional Money Market Funds

*Rankings will display only the master fund from each portfolio.
*Taxable funds as of 08/23/16 Tax-Free funds as of 08/22/16
Prime View Funds
Fund Name 7 Day Yield (%)
BlackRock Cash Funds: Instit/l 0.60
Deutsche Daily Assets/Capital Shrs 0.56
Schwab Value Adv MF/Ultra 0.50
BlackRock MMP/Instit Cl 0.50
Western Asset Inst Liq Res/Inst 0.48
HSBC Prime MMF/Cl I 0.46
Western Asset Inst Cash Res/Inst 0.45
Fidelity Inv Prime MMkt/Instit 0.43
State Street Inst Liq Resvs/Prem 0.43
BMO Instit Prime MMF/Prem 0.43
Government View Funds
Fund Name 7 Day Yield (%)
JPMorgan US Govt MMF/Capital 0.35
BlackRock Liquidity:FedFund Inst 0.31
Western Asset Inst Govt Res/Inst 0.31
Invesco Govt & Agency Port/Instit 0.31
Dreyfus Inst Preferred Govt MMF/Ins ^ 0.31
Deutsche Govt MM Series/Instit Shrs ^ 0.30
CAT:Govt&Agcy/Deutsche GovCsh Inst 0.30
Morgan Stanley ILF/Govt/Inst 0.29
Dreyfus Govt Cash Mgmt/Instit 0.29
Amer Beacon US Govt MM Select 0.29
Tax-Free View Funds
Fund Name 7 Day Yield (%)
Federated Muni Oblig Fund/Wealth 0.40
BMO Tax Free MMF/Premier 0.37
Schwab Municipal MF/Premier 0.35
Western Asset Inst T-F Reserve/Inst 0.35
Federated Instit T-F Cash Tr/Prem 0.34
CAT:Tax Ex/Deutsche T-E Cash Prem 0.34
Federated T-F Oblig Fund/Wealth 0.34
Invesco Premier T-E Portfolio/Inst 0.32
BlackRock Liquidity:MuniFund Inst 0.32
JPMorgan Muni MMF/Instit 0.31
Largest Institutional View Funds
Fund Name 7 Day Yield (%)
JPMorgan US Govt MMF/Capital 0.35
Goldman Sachs FS Govt Fund/Inst 0.27
Goldman Sachs FS Treas Instr/Inst 0.17
BlackRock Liquidity:TempFund Inst 0.39
JPMorgan Prime MMF/Capital 0.40
Fidelity Inv Prime MMkt/Instit 0.43
State Street Inst Liq Resvs/Prem 0.43
BlackRock Liquidity:T-Fund Inst 0.22
Morgan Stanley ILF/Govt/Inst 0.29
BlackRock Liquidity:FedFund Inst 0.31

Enhanced Cash Funds (as of 12/31/2014)

Portfolio Assets (mils) 1-Yr Net Return (%)
U.S. Enhanced Cash    
RidgeWorth U.S. Govt Secs Ultra-Short Bond Fund $1727.6 0.91
Compass EMP Ultra Short-Term Fixed Income Fund $14.5 0.60
Putnam Short Duration Income Fund $2189.7 0.51
U.S. Ultrashort Bond Funds    
Semper Short Duration Fund $3,850.0 2.64
Eaton Vance Short Duration Government Income Fund $3,246.0 2.51
AMF Short U.S. Government Fund $14.9 1.96
BMO Ultra Short Tax-Free Fund $746.3 1.16
Federated Municipal Ultrashort Fund $3526.8 0.78
Vanguard Short-Term Tax-Exempt Fund $12740.0 0.73

* Excludes U.S. private placements, trusts, and separate accounts.

New Money Funds Alert

(New funds reporting to iMoneyNet)

Fund Name Date Added
First Amer Treas Oblig/Cl X 08/21/2016
Northern Inst Treas Port/Premier 07/30/2016
UBS Select Govt Institutional Fund 07/29/2016
UBS Select Govt Preferred Fund 07/04/2016
UBS Select Govt Capital Fund 06/21/2016
FIMM Prime Reserves/Cl I 06/18/2016
FIMM Prime Reserves/Cl II 06/18/2016
FIMM Prime Reserves/Cl III 06/18/2016
FIMM Prime Reserves/Instit 06/18/2016
FIMM Prime Reserves/Select 06/18/2016
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