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U.S. MMFs: Preparing for the Future Regulatory Landscape,” as prepared for delivery on 17 Sept. at European Money Fund Forum 2014 in London by Mike Krasner, managing editor of iMoneyNet.


Vanguard files to launch “low-cost” ultrashort bond fund
Posted: 11/24/2014

Money-fund provider American Beacon Advisors and its parent company acquired by two private-equity firms
Posted: 11/20/2014

Wells Fargo money-fund team to get new leadership as Dave Sylvester retires
Posted: 11/20/2014

Fed Gov. Tarullo's speech about liquidity regulation portends more pressure on money-markets and short-term bank funding
Posted: 11/20/2014

DrinkerBiddle examines use of amortized-cost values for debt securities with remaining maturities of 60 days or fewer
Posted: 08/28/2014

NY Fed analysts write that restricting future access to cash may cause investors’ run in anticipation of that reality
Posted: 08/18/2014

Citi Research disagrees with others about extent of predicted outflows from institutional prime MMFs, “due to more attractive spreads down the road and limited investable alternatives”
Posted: 08/15/2014

Details of SEC MMF-reform package
Posted: 07/23/2014

SEC adopts MMF-reform package
Posted: 07/23/2014

Webcast of July 25, 2013, U.S. Chamber of Commerce MMF-reform event, including presentation by Treasury Strategies and panel moderated by iMoneyNet Managing Editor Mike Krasner that discussed "The Effect of Reform on End-Users and the Fund Complex"
Posted: 02/28/2014

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Taxable (11/18/14) % Tax-Free (11/17/14) %
7-Day Net Simple 0.01 7-Day Net Simple 0.01
30-Day Net Simple 0.01 30-Day Net Simple 0.01
Assets ($mils) $2,426,468.6 Assets ($mils) $252,800.1
Assets % Change 0.61 Assets % Change 0.11

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Offshore Averages (11/14/14) EURO % Sterling % USD %
7-Day Net Simple 0.01 0.34 0.04
30-Day Net Simple 0.02 0.33 0.04
Assets (mils) €90,354.5 £145,847.1 $404,983.8
Assets % Change (1.53) (0.68) (1.59)

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    The November issue of Money Market Insight™ marked the addition of attorney Joan Ohlbaum Swirsky to the iMoneyNet Advisory Board and the departure of industry veteran Jack Winters, who opted to resign from the Board. more
    The Italian presidency of the Council of the European Union, which as recently as last week seemed ready to abandon a capital-buffer provision in money-market fund reform legislation pending in the Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs committee, has reportedly decided against doing so. more
    U.S. MMFs GROW ASSETS BY $15 BILLION   11/19/2014
    U.S. money-market fund assets increased by $15.00 billion for the week ended Nov. 18, according to Money Fund Report®, a service of iMoneyNet of Westborough, Mass. more
    From Money Market Insight™: A review of investment policy changes in light of unfolding additional changes to Rule 2a-7 for money funds was a major topic at two sessions conducted at the Association for Financial Professionals Annual Conference this month in Washington, D.C. more
    From Money Market Insight™: The uncertainty that roiled the money markets in the run-up to the July release of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s adopting release on money-market fund reform may be subsiding as fund providers and institutional investors consider how they’ll operate in a post-reform environment, according to services provider Treasury Strategies. Importantly, the utility of money funds, which some reform opponents said would be compromised, may be preserved, and the need for treasurers to revise investment policies may be considerably reduced. more
    U.S. dollar-denominated Government money-market funds reported the largest inflows for the week ending 14 Nov., according to iMoneyNet, an Informa business. The $1.49 billion increase distinguishes it among all other categories as the only one to report five consecutive weeks of additional assets. more
    From Money Market Insight™: Investments by U.S. prime-fund portfolio managers in Treasury-issued repurchase agreements continued their roller-coaster ride in October. Allocations to Treasury repo totaled $41.81 billion as of Oct. 31, a decrease of $94.26 billion or 69.3 percent, based on amortized cost. The October decline followed a nearly identical gain in the August-to-September period. Investments in government-agency repo rebounded from the prior month, gaining $3.85 billion, or 7.5 percent. more

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